"My Order?
Minimus pork sandwich
with some Hurt, Maximus slaw and a Minimus drink."


Find Us: Parked

W/E 5/29

Monday (5/23): 11am-2pm, 2121 Westlake Ave, Seattle
Tuesday (5/24): 11am-2pm, 2121 Westlake Ave, Seattle
Wednesday (5/25): PRIVATE EVENT
Thursday (5/26): 11am-2pm, 2121 Westlake Ave, Seattle
Friday (5/27): 11am-2pm, 2121 Westlake Ave, Seattle
Saturday (5/28): 9am-2pm, Issaquah Farmers Market
Sunday (5/29): PRIVATE EVENT


Catering questions? Email us at catering@maximus-minimus.com


We try to stick to our schedule as much as possible, but it's hard to keep a mobile pig in one location for too long. You can keep track of Maximus by visiting us on Facebook or signing up for Twitter.

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    In keeping with our commitment to pure food, Maximus / Minimus and its sibling companies contribute 1% of sales to the Beecher's Pure Food Kids Foundation.



    Sugar Mountain

    Maximus / Minimus is part of the Sugar Mountain family of businesses;
    sibling company to Beecher's Handmade Cheese, Bennett’s, Liam's, and Pasta & Co.

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